How to Hide a Lover

Ukraine escort experts insist that a wife and a lover can friendly exist together. All you need to do is to be a little careful and not make them ever meet or find out about each other. This seems impossible, but Ukraine escort ladies know how to manage with all your women.bhx9re9bpz0
First rule is never say your wife where exactly you are, so she will be not able to check if this is true. Ukraine escort girls recommend to figure out something unusual like you were choosing her a present or was helping to meet important partner in the airport. Never say that you were with a friend or colleague who knows your wife well, as she can easily check this. Also Ukraine escort girls recommend you to ask your lover not to use perfumes, or you can present the same perfume to both your wife and your lover. Women are very sensitive to smells and she can notice the difference in your scents. If you have an affair, Ukraine escort experts warn you that changing your habits can betray your secret. Don’t start giving your wife too many presents or become unusually tender with her. This always looks suspiciously. Ukraine escort ladies are professionals, they will never leave the signs of cheating on you, otherwise simply be careful.