Men’s Myths About Sex

Who can explode a myth about sex better than Kiev escort professionals? They know so much about sex that can write sex encyclopedia.
First myth that usually Kiev escort girls’ clients hope for is that after a long break sex will be something extraordinary fantastic. In practice it is rarely truth, because after a long break sex will be rather short. Good sex like training, and Kiev escort girls approve this by their own experience. They are such masters because of regular trainings.bd7cj-axsak
Another popular myth is that masturbation is something abnormal if you have a sexual partner. There is nothing bad in masturbation, as Kiev escort girls admit. It helps to remove tension and stresses, to stay a little in private, to fantasies and get come. It brings different sensations than sex with a partner, but it is also pleasant, in its special way. Kiev escort professionals often face with a problem that men are not well aware of female body, thinking that it is safe to have sex during periods or in standing poses.
The most popular myth is that women like muscles and big penises most of all, and if you have none of this you are not sexy for women. Kiev escort ladies insist that even without this a man can be a real sex monster!