If you’ve ever entered the phrase “fuck milfs” into a search engine, you probably have seen all sorts of dating sites. You probably even stumbled across many different dating columns. There is no shortage of advice pieces regarding how to fuck milfs, where to find them, how to approach them, that kind of thing. It’s as if you are reading National Geographic regarding hunting exotic animals. It’s that ridiculous and crazy.

But if you really want to get past the bullshit and you really want to achieve real results, you need to wipe away all the other crap that you’ve heard. Seriously. Burn up that crud, get that shit out of your mind because if you are serious about your efforts on trying to fuck milfs, you have to just focus on one piece of advice.

Unfortunately, this advice is not very publicized because a lot of people do not like it. A lot of people would rather not deal with it. The advice is simple: be confident. I know you probably heard that before. You probably heard that when it comes to school or work, but it really applies across all areas of your life especially on milf dating sites like http://www.fuckmilfs.org .

If you do not respect and like yourself enough to be confident about whatever you have, why would you expect somebody else to do so? If you think you’re a pile of shit, by implication or directly, then why expect any better treatment from other people? Do you see how this works? Be confident. Respect yourself. Say to yourself and believe it, that you’re worth fucking.

Unless you’re able to get around this, nothing is possible. I don’t want to discourage you, I don’t want to depress you, but that’s the absolute truth. So invest in a little bit more time, effort and energy in being more confident. You’d be surprised as to the great dividends, in terms of your ability to fuck milfs go, that this would yield.